A filmmaker from London with a huge passion for travel, fashion and all things creative.  With a background in design, I have studied and graduated with a Graphic Design degree, However since completing my degree I have taken a different route in how I went about producing my work and Ideas.




During my degree I was given the opportunity to explore different forms of media, marking the time I picked up my first video camera and also the time I created my first Youtube channel.  This channel became my outlet for my creative thoughts, and also how I went about practising my craft. Through this I taught myself how to cut footage together as well as creating visual effects through the use of After Effects. In its prime the channel was receiving 10,000 per video but this was short lived as Google disabled my ability to monetise from my videos and there for pushing me towards my next move.


Cannes Lions gave me my first big break by offering me a job as their video editor. This opportunity gave me the chance to prove myself, going above and beyond and taking on new mediums that I had yet to explore. My curiosity for moving image became more intense and shortly after joining the company I took on bigger responsibilities for their production of animation work, mostly in the form of motion graphics. This work manifested in their video stings, their production of all animated intros, and all branded content around their festival venues, which attended by over 15,000 attendees.


I now work as a freelancer, Taking on many types of work, from corporate type jobs to fashion promos. I have produced things such as documentaries, interviews and coverage of events, most notable one being London Fashion week, for the 2016 A/W season. I don't specialise in a particular sector, I like to explore different types of projects and all ideas are welcome. I also carry out a lot of my personal projects that lead me around the world, filming as usual, and also this time expanding my skills in the form of photography.